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Attracting Specialty Waterproofing Contractors, Engineers & Architects

There are excellent reasons that Willseal—the original brand of pre-compressed joint sealants—constantly raises industry standards, while continuing to capture greater market share around the globe.

Willseal products have been specified and successfully installed on thousands of diverse construction projects worldwide.

Willseal is committed to bringing intelligent solutions to our customers, using technology-driven design to create superior sealant systems.

Willseal is now a part of Tremco Incorporated and is working closely with Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing, a leading supplier of integrated building enclosure solutions for commercial and residential construction, infrastructure and industrial applications. [Read the Press Release]

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Willseal products meet DIN 18542, the world’s most demanding standard, specifically for pre-compressed sealants. This means they meet or exceed requirements for such important criteria as :


Few other structural secondary building components carry such a heavy safety load, but Willseal products are up to the task; built for extreme performance through innovative design and materials:


Willseal is a company firmly committed to environmental stewardship. Our products contain no volatile organic content (VOC), satisfying the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED™ Criteria for Indoor Environmental Quality.

Markets served

Industrial / Commercial


OEM applications, HVAC system seals, thermal breaks, gasket seals, sound deadening, vehicle manufacturing, Willseal’s history of technology in polyurethane foam expanding tapes has been trusted, tested and adapted to a vast array of applications. Unwanted moisture can degrade material finishes and loud mechanical equipment can further complicate an already busy office. Willseal foam tapes will block moisture, sound, air movement, and dust while maintaining a moisture vapor permeability allowing trapped moisture to escape.



From class room to class room, noise travels very easily by vibrating the substrates around the source causing annoyance within any academic environment. Willseal foam technology has an optimum internal geometry for a noise barrier design while allowing for dynamic movement. Willseal products have an E-90 Sound Transmission Test Rating of STC >50 in an STC 56 rated wall.



Bridges and highways regardless of design will handle tremendous weight, dynamic loads and movements. Willseal has been trusted by many DOTs across the country who rely on our ability to design recommend our product range to each of their applications. No two applications are the same therefore we do not rely on one specific pre-compressed DOT expansion joint like other suppliers do.

Medical Facilities


Medical facilities depend on life safety in terms of fire and bacterial protection. Willseal offers best-in-class expansion joint lines in fire protection and other expansion joints with NSF approved sealants. Willseal is also able to cater to the clean room industries with specific food grade silicones and special packaging to minimize airborne particles.



Today’s high-performance windows need a state-of the-art sealant system. Intelligent sealants can seal according to changes in the environment and allow for the proper level of “tightness” while shifting the condensation point to avoid interior damage caused by trapped moisture. Willseal’s 3-level principle of window sealing (prevent penetration of humidity and condensation; acoustic and thermal insulation; protection from wind and driving rain) was designed in accordance with the RAL “Installation Guide.”

Stadium and Arena


Complex designs and numerous directional changes are inherent in modern stadium construction. Willseal’s pre-compressed sealants can often solve complicated movement concerns associated with stadium design. We can manufacture factory splices and angles (offered by some as novel) as experience has shown that field conditions often vary and do not lend themselves to fixed 90 degree transitions. We can supply special angles and transitions to meet the “as built” project requirements.

Custom Application


Never let a unique application slow down the completion of a project. The Willseal team is ready to take on any application regardless of how difficult or non-standard it may be. We are ready to design, test and manufacture expansion joint materials past their normal service application. This is achieved by always being aware of what exists for materials in the market as well as combining our product lines into hybrid systems.



For project types from restoration to new construction, dynamic openings are a critical factor to designing and building. The dynamic openings allow for substrates to move without binding under the influence of wind and temperature variables.

Willseal’s engineered line of vertical expansion joints are suited for all types of applications. Willseal offers precompressed and compressible types of expansion joints with a wide range of customizable colors and coatings to aesthetically match the surrounding substrates.

Fire Protection


Life safety is paramount for architects, building officials, owners, and occupants. Fire control through compartmentalization is a critical component in passive protection. Fire-resistant expansion joint systems are vital limiters of flame spread through a structure. Willseal’s innovative internal smoke barrier limits toxic gases and fumes from permeating the joint system. Smaller joint dimensions, by their nature, compliment passive fire systems. With our +/-50% seismic fire-rated systems, joints can be designed at half the size of those based on similar +/-25% products.

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