Product features
  • 2 or 3 hr vertical fire rating in accordance with UL 2079
  • Movement: 50% (± 25%) or 100% (± 50%) of nominal joint size, depending on the material selected
  • Supplied with a silicone coating on one side, both sides, or uncoated for use as a secondary seal
  • Willseal FR-V provides a factory controlled, watertight, clean handling, UV Stable, sound attenuating, energy efficient and fire rated joint seal in a single, unified installation process.

Willseal FR-V is designed to be used in vertical wall installations by itself, but it can be used behind any other expansion joint cover, plate or filler where joint depth allows. Because it is coated on both sides, it can be placed with either side exposed, adding to the versatility and increasing the aesthetic fireproof sealing options.Willseal FR-V is a second generation, unified fire rated, sound, energy, and waterproof sealant system that can be supplied for +/- 25% and +/- 50% joints. Willseal FR-V is not made of thin, unbonded vertical layers that can delaminate with joint shear or thermal shock. In addition to UL 2079, Willseal FR-V has been independent lab tested to ASTM 330, 331, 283 & 547 for water and air penetration. It has been tested and passes TAS 202/203 requirements for hurricane force exposure.


Willseal FR-V features a waterproof silicone face on each side of a fire-retardant impregnated foam sealant without the need for additional intumescent bellows. Willseal FR-V does not rely on the silicone face or intumescent bellows to provide its fire rating. This is an important safety improvement over first generation materials that are subject to vandalism or damage to the thin silicone/intumescent bellows. The main function of the silicone face is to enhance the waterproofing nature of the sealant and provide an aesthetic, colored finish. Willseal FR-V Type UC is supplied without silicone for use as a secondary seal.

  • Dow Corning® 790 Colors
  • Pecora 890NST Colors
  • 1/2 in. (12mm) to 4-1/2 in. (112mm)
  • Depth of seal is 2 in., 3 in., or 4 in. Refer to UL listings at
  • 2 in. depths only have a smoke barrier by request
Tested Physical Properties

Willseal FR-V has been tested and certified under UL 2079. It meets the requirements of ASTM E1966, ASTM E119 and ASTM E1399. UL 2079, like ASTM E1966, was developed to encompass the fire testing of ASTM E119 and movement cycling regime of ASTM E1399.

It is also tested to ASTM E283, 330, 331 & 547 to confirm its sealing capabilities through its entire stated movement range. ASTM E90 testing has been completed to verify the sound attenuating properties of the system. Complete test results are available from Willseal technical support.

This material has been tested to UL 2079 and is manufactured under UL’s Follow-Up Service. Willseal FR-V is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 facility. In addition to being proof of our commitment to overall quality, the system ensures that any change to form, fit, function or safety of the product will be documented and published.