Willseal Seismic

Product Features

  • Primary Vertical Joint Applications
  • Movement: 100% (± 50%)
  • Color: Dow Corning 790 colors, Pecora 890NST colors, Custom colors available upon request
  • Applications:
    • Primary construction joints
    • Vertical movement joints
    • Expansion, control, and isolation joints
    • Retrofit and seismic joints
    • Pre-cast concrete walls, tilt-up walls
    • Exterior panel systems – Masonry, Granite, Metal, EIFS, Curtain Walls
    • Joints requiring a resilient, waterproof seal
    • Larger joints requiring an architectural finish


Willseal Seismic is a one-step primary sealant for exposed areas where color matching is important. It has a puncture resistant, elastomeric coating on the exterior surface, which can be factory colored to match most construction substrates or sealants. The joint is watertight and color matched.

Docs and Specs